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24 Hours a Day at the Speed of Love

    written by Mark Allan Nordeen and Sarita C. Miller

    I see it in your eyes
    I see you are going away, baby, I want you to stay
    I know you need to go
    At this moment in our lives, will a long-distance love survive

    Twenty-four hours a day feels like a million heartbeats away
    My heart races, aches and breaks when I’m not with you
    Getting to you is all I dream of, I will travel at the speed of love
    Hold on baby, I’m on my way to be with you
    Twenty-four hours a day, wanna be with you
    Twenty-four hours a day, gonna be with you

    The day is finally here
    Finally going to where you are, no long road could keep us apart
    Green lights all the way, as I navigate the signs you are always on my mind


    You’re my adrenaline, rushing through my veins
    Top down all the way, driving night and day
    At the speed of love, speed of love to you